Hospitals and multi-specialty medical systems can meet their patients where they are, virtually anywhere. We will develop a branded white label solution for your physician network. Expand access to new patients and markets and improve access to existing patients.

Expand Enterprise Efficiency

• Connect physicians to patients for follow up appointments remotely
• Reduce readmissions and associated costs
• Increase in office efficiency by providing online services when in office visits are needed

Expand Physician Reach

• Treat current patients online, as an option to onsite
• Treat new patients beyond geography of hospital or service area
• Reduce treatment time and wait times

Improve Patient Net Promoter Score

• Offer 24x7 care, 365 days a year
• Offer online scheduling of onsite and video consultations
• Advertising population health and wellness services to expand brand

Our services include development services to help implement and integrate the product into an existing platform, or to develop a new customized platform. In addition will provide ongoing management services to maintain the product as well as hosting services to help promote the product. Detailed support services found here: View Support

White label solutions also offer the added benefit of our hosting, development services and online marketing. You have the option to purchase a licensed product to host and manage on your own, or we will provide you all the support services you need.