Telehealth technology is rapidly changing the face of healthcare as we know it today. As medical costs climb and patients look for more convenient care, employers are increasingly turning to telehealth solutions to provide quality care that is convenient and affordable. Expanded access to care through telehealth gives patients, physicians, employers and health plans more control over the cost of care:

Patients benefit from the cost savings of fewer in-office visits, as well as more frequent communication with healthcare professionals.

Practitioners and medical facilities benefit from cost savings and more efficient communications with patients.

Employers and Health Plans save time and money, by extending lower cost delivery channels like telehealth for their members.

According to Willis Towers Watson's 2015 Employer Survey, nearly half (46%) of employers offer telemedicine services today, up from 28% in 2013. By 2018, 90% of employers could be offering these services. In addition, 82% of national employers in this survey are implementing a health technology strategy, to improve member engagement in their health.

Telemedicine is the first step in a strategy that incorporates technology into health care. Bridging Medical Access can provide employers and health plans a customized telehealth solution that provides the following benefits:

• Convenience, control and productivity - save time
• Affordability through lower copayments for telemedicine consultations - save money
• Behavior change and better health outcomes - improve access and quality

Our services will include development services to help implement and integrate your network on our platform, or to plug our web service into your existing network. Bridging Medical Access will provide ongoing management services to maintain your virtual network. Detailed support services found here: View Additional Services

Integrate your present physician network into our platform and increase access to care for your patient members and employees today.

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