Bridging Medical Access is committed to providing the best value and service to health care providers looking to implement technology services into their practice. We believe that by offering quality telehealth software platforms to physicians and insurers will facilitate an increase in quality care and reduction of cost for healthcare end-users. We subscribe to the philosophy that healthcare should be guided by clinicians working in close partnership with their patients. This is why we have designed our telehealth platforms to be extremely flexible and user-friendly for healthcare providers to improve their practice and shorten the distance between access to care and patients.

Our competitive advantage is that Bridging Medical Access combines multiple services into a single-source solution for physicians, providers, and insurers, eliminating the need for third-party IT companies and customer service solutions. There are many companies that offer one or two aspects of our service, but none that provide and combine online presence with secure telehealth and data repositories in a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based environment.